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1. Algal composition, physico-chemical features, photosynthetic carbon metabolism, nitrogen cycling and the structure and metabolic properties of algal mats in lakes and streams of southern Victoria Land [K081_1983_1986_NZ_1]
A three year study of lakes and stream of southern Victoria Land was conducted from 1983-1986. In the first season, the algal composition and physico-chemical characteristics of South Victoria Land ...

2. An ecological study of Bird Pond at Cape Bird: water parameters, population density and identification plants and animals [K014_1970_1971_NZ_3]
A seasonal ecological study was carried out at Bird Pond, Cape Bird. At weekly intervals the water temperature, depth, conductivity, pH and light were recorded, water samples were analysed for oxygen, ...

3. Aqueous geochemistry of the melt pools on the McMurdo Ice Shelf : A collaboration with the RISE (Ross Ice Shelf Ecosystem) programme [K013_1987_1988_NZ_1]
A large freshwater ecosystem on the McMurdo Ice Shelf and the lower Koettlitz Glacier, in the Ross Dependency, is an area some 1500 km2 . The area is covered by pools, lakes, streams and rivers, many ...

4. Geochemical and geomorphological investigations of the McMurdo Dry Valleys freshwater and saline water bodies [K211_1963_1987_NZ_1]   CHILD DIFs
Since the 1963-1964 season, Japanese scientists have studied major and trace elements, nutrient matter, stable and radioactive isotopes and organic constituents in lakes and ponds and geological samples ...

5. The changes in the physical, chemical and biological processes in melt water ponds during the late season freeze processes into the polar winter at Bratina Island [K081_2007_2008_NZ_2]
How the onset of winter conditions affects the physical and chemical conditions within the melt water ponds on the McMurdo Ice Shelf (of which summer information is available) and how these changes ...

6. The hydrology (pattern of flow and composition of meltwater) of a cold based glacier, Wright Lower Glacier, Wright Valley, Antarctica [K064_2004_2007_NZ]   CHILD DIFs
The seasonal melt regime of the Wright Lower Glacier, Wright Valley, Dry Valleys, Antarctica was investigated and monitored over three field seasons (04-05, 05-06 and 06-07). The water cycle, which ...

7. The physical and geochemical parameters controlling algal production in Lake Vanda [K081_1980_1981_NZ_1]
The factors controlling algal production in Lake Vanda were investigated experimentally by nutrient bioassays and in situ radiotracer incubations. Photosynthetic profiles were measured through the ...

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