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1. West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative Workshop [WAIS_Workshop]
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) initiative workshop is a multidisciplinary research program designed to answer two critical, interrelated climate questions: How will the unstable West Antarctic ...

The OPeNDAP Data Access Protocol (DAP) is a protocol for requesting and transporting data across the web. DAP 2.0 uses HTTP to frame the requests and responses. OPeNDAP has developed a software ...

3. Fuel Management Spatial Data WCS/WMS [FS_FuelFire]   PARENT SERF
This describes and provides access to an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Mapping Service (WMS) for the following dataset: Fuel Management Spatial Data. USDA Forest ...

4. Aspera [Aspera]
Aspera is a new file transfer technology tool that provides a reliable and faster (up to 1000x standard FTP) data transfer solution. This new approach overcomes the challenge of large ...

5. AMSR-E Swath to Grid Toolkit (AS2GT) [AS2GT]
The AMSR-E Swath-to-Grid Toolkit (AS2GT) is a suite of software tools to subset and grid Levels 1B and 2A AMSR-E swath data. AS2GT makes it possible to quickly and easily work with the AMSR-E data ...

6. OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) for accessing daily atmospheric data from Ozone Monitoring Instrument [NASA_GES_DISC_OMI_Atmosphere_Data_Web_Coverage_Service_1]
This is one of the GES DISC's OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) instances which provides atmospheric quality data products derived from the OMI on board NASA's Aura spacecraft.

7. SYNSEIS - SYNthetic SEISmogram generation tool [SYNSEIS]
SYNSEIS - SYNthetic SEISmogram generation tool is designed to help seismologists as well as any other researchers calculate synthetic 3D regional seismic waveforms using a well-tested, finite difference ...

8. The Conservation GIS Starter Kit [GIS_CONSERVATION_STARTER]
The Conservation GIS Starter Kit is a stand alone program of instruction for learning the basics of GIS technology in relation to conservation and environmental issues. Packed with practical information, ...

NEISGEI Web Coverage Service.

10. Web Coverage Service [Datafed_WCS]   CHILD SERFs
Datafed Web Coverage Service.

11. Web Map Service [Datafed_WMS]   CHILD SERFs
Datafed Web Map Service.

12. The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) [OPeNDAP_ODC]   PARENT SERF
The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) is a program which allows you to search for and retrieve datasets published by OPeNDAP data servers. OPeNDAP servers (also known as DODS servers) located at major ...

Showing 1 through 12 of 12

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