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1. Geobrain Data and Product Download [geobrain_s-r]
GeoBrain plans on mobilize NASA EOS data and information through Web service and knowledge management technologies for higher-education teaching and research. The technologies, based on geo-object ...

2. HDF-to-ASCII Conversion [hdf2asc]
The HDF-to-ASCII Conversion tool converts HDF or HDFEOS file into ascii file (NOTE that the output ascii file size may be vary large). Usage of the program will be printed on screen upon typing the ...

3. NASA HDF-EOS Web GIS Software Suite (NWGISS) [nwgiss]
NASA HDF-EOS Web GIS Software Suite (NWGISS) is a suite of web GIS software that makes HDF-EOS data available to GIS users based on Open GIS Consortium's (OGC) interoperability protocols. It consists ...

4. The Earth Observing System, Geographic Information Systems (EOSGIS) Data Translator Development Project [eosgis_data_trans-00]
The objective of this project is to develop generalized two-way data format translators (EOSGIS) between HDF-EOS and ARC/INFO format. The EOSGIS translators will be able to translate HDF-EOS ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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