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1. NASA's Global Change Master Directory [Glob_Chng_Mast_Direct]
The goal of NASA's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) is to enable users to locate and obtain access to Earth science data sets and services relevant to global change and Earth science research. ...

2. LATS4D Distribution [NASA_LATS4D]
LATS4D (LATS for Dummies) is a minimum fuss gs script for writing NetCDF, HDF-SDS or GRIB files from GrADS using the PCMDI LATS interface. This script can serve as a general purpose file conversion ...

3. HDF-EOS Metadata Reader [HMR]
The HDF-EOS Metadata Reader (hmr) program is used to read metadata from HDF-EOS file and write to a text file.

4. HDF-EOS5 Metadata Updater [he5mu]
HDF-EOS5 Metadata Updater (HE5MU) is a tool for data producers or users to update metadata inside an HDF-EOS5 file. It is a command-line utility. he5mu can be used to: - Extract metadata from a dataset ...

5. MetCheck [MetCheck]
MetCheck validates the inventory meta-data in ".met" file using The Description file ".desc" as the reference. The tool takes a ".desc" and ".met" ODL file as inputs, and generates a simple output ...

6. The PGS Toolkit [PGS_Toolkit]
The PGS Toolkit is a set of tools is designed to manage the metadata that are generated with each EOS product, i.e., the granule-level metadata. The tools also provide a mechanism for populating the ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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