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AQUA (2) Parameter Definition
INSAT (Indian National Satellite) (1)
insat, insat-1a, insat-1b...
AURA (1) Parameter Definition
IRS (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite) (1)
irs-1a, irs-1b, irs-1c, irs-1d, irs-p2...
DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) (1)
dmsp, dmsp 5d-2/f13, dmsp 5d-2/f14, dmsp 5d-3/f15...
NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder (1)
EP-TOMS (1) Parameter Definition
NIMBUS (1) Parameter Definition
nimbus, nimbus-7...
ICESAT (1) Parameter Definition
NOAA POES (Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites) (1)
noaa poes, noaa-1, noaa-15, noaa-16, noaa-17...
IMS (1)
TRMM (1) Parameter Definition

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