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1. GeoCommons - Web Tool for Building an Open Repository of Data and Maps for the World [GeoCommons]
GeoCommons is the public community of GeoIQ users who are building an open repository of data and maps for the world. The GeoIQ platform includes a large number of features that empower you to easily ...

2. SharpMap - Mapping Library for Web and Desktop Applications [sharpmap]
SharpMap is an easy-to-use mapping library for use in web and desktop applications. It provides access to many types of GIS data, enables spatial querying of that data, and renders beautiful maps. ...

3. worldKit: Flexible mapping application for the Web [worldKit]
worldKit is an easy to use and flexible mapping application for the Web. Light weight GIS. It's a SWF based app, configured by XML, data fed by RSS. Stand-alone use or integration in larger projects.

4. Grules - Geographic Maps for the Web [Grules]
Grules is a piece of code which allows you to easily show your nifty geographical maps over the web. Its most useful feature is the possibility to link graphical properties (colors, textures, labels) ...

5. IVY GIS: A Framework for Producing Google-maps Style Displays [IVYGIS]
IVY GIS is a framework for producing Google-maps style displays of Mapserver maps and PostGIS data in Rails applications. The goal is to make it easy to arrange for web-based presentation of geographic ...

6. Kvwmap: Web GIS Client and Server [kvwmap]
Kvwmap is an open source WebGIS application with integrated applications of specialized bowls. This Framework was originally developed at the University of Rostock, first as pure information system. ...

7. Open Layers GIS [OpenLayers]
OpenLayers makes it easy to put a dynamic map in any web page. It can display map tiles and markers loaded from any source. MetaCarta developed the initial version of OpenLayers and gave it to the ...

8. Conservation GeoPortal [CONSERVATION_MAPS]
The Conservation GeoPortal is a tangible and practical expression of the Conservation Commons. The World Conservation Union, or IUCN (after the union's former name, the International Union for the ...

9. CartoWeb: Advanced Geographical Information System for the Web [CartoWeb]
CartoWeb is a comprehensive and ready-to-use Web-GIS (Geographical Information System) as well as a convenient framework for building advanced and customized applications. It was developed by Camptocamp ...

10. Inline WMS Client [inlinewms]
Inline WMS is a simple, cross-browser, OGC WMS client that may be included into any HTML page that might be enhanced by dynamic rendering of geo-spatial data. It is written in JavaScript.

Showing 1 through 10 of 10

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