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MODIS/Terra Land Water Mask Derived from MODIS and SRTM L3 Global 250m SIN Grid V005
Entry ID: MOD44W

Abstract: The MODIS 250 m land-water mask (Short Name: MOD44W) is an improvement over the existing MODIS Nadir Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)-Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR) and MODIS land cover-based global land-water mask (Salomon et al., 2004). The MODIS NBAR and land cover–based mask was itself an improved version of the EOS DEM-based land-water mask (Logan et al., 1999). This MODIS 250 m mask is primarily created with three different data inputs:

1. The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission’s (SRTM) Water Body Dataset (SWBD) (Areas between 60° S to 60° N);
2. The MOD44C, a non-public, 250 m global 16-day composite collection based on 8+ years of Terra MODIS data, and 6+ years of Aqua MODIS data. This data set originally provided the input to produce the Vegetative Cover Conversion, and Vegetative Continuous Fields products (Areas between 60° N to 90° N); and

3. The MODIS–based Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA), which is a 250 m MODIS level-1b mosaic for Antarctica (Areas within Antarctica between 60° S and 90° S).
Other appropriate and publicly available data sets were also used to supplement the production of the MODIS 250 m land–water mask. Additional details regarding the methodology are available in the User Guide.

This marks the first time that such a global MODIS-SRTM land-water mask is offered publicly to end-users. This data set is provided in the same gridded tile structure that is common to several higher-level MODIS land products.

V005 Data Set Characteristics:
Area: ~10° x 10° (at the equator)
Image Dimensions: 4800 x 4800 (rows/columns)
File Size: ~250 KB
Resolution: 250 meters
Projection: Sinusoidal
Data Format: HDF-EOS
Science Data Sets (HDF SDS Layers): 2

Purpose: Science Research

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Geographic Coverage
 N: 90.0 S: -90.0  E: 180.0  W: -180.0

Data Set Citation
Version: 005

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1999-12-18

Science Keywords

ISO Topic Category

Terra >Earth Observing System, TERRA (AM-1)    [Information]

MODIS >Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer    [Information]

Data Set Progress

Creation and Review Dates
DIF Creation Date: 2009-07-22
Last DIF Revision Date: 2016-01-27

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