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Level 1B of OCTS (ADEOS) Data Processing
Entry ID: ND01033

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Abstract: Level 1BF Radiometrically corrected image Data@i LACj Level
1B data are radiometric and registration corrected to level
1A. Concerning the radiometric correction, absolute calibration
coefficients are added. For the registration correction, registrations
between bands are merged. String supplemental files such as geometric
correction information, the OCTS telemetry ,quality information, the
sun vector, scene information and others. Product Data Type VN : VNIR
( band 1, band 8 ) TI : TIR ( band 9, band 12 )
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Description: ADEOS Project.
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 90.0   S: -90.0   E: 180.0   W: -180.0

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1996-08-17
Stop Date: 1997-06-30
Data Resolution
Horizontal Resolution Range: 1 meter - < 30 meters
Distribution Media: CD-ROM
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Creation and Review Dates
DIF Creation Date: 2001-10-10
Last DIF Revision Date: 2017-01-27
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