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Abstract: 'Into the Arctic' contains educational materials about climate and climate history in the Arctic that use real data and questions from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project Two (GISP2). Beginning in 1993, scientists from all over the world participated in the GISP2 project to drill through 3,000 meters of ice in Greenland, and discovered a history of the world's climate. Inspired by the research results from GISP2, 'Into the Arctic' offers instructional materials and activities for teachers to use in the many contexts of their daily teaching routines. Its unique feature is that it provides data collected and used by research scientists, and it provides students with the questions scientists grapple with in their research. There are no right or wrong answers. Students are presented with the data, and they are free to suggest answers to the questions posed. Lessons and activities are designed for use by secondary through lower-level college students studying Earth science, geography, history, social studies or chemistry. Information and activities are divided into four sections: Climate, Climate Change, El Nino, and the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2. The subjects selected range from the broad (Climate and Climate Change) to the more specific (El Nino and the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2) to provide the reader with background in Earth science that can then be applied using broadly related case studies.

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