NRT L3 Value-added Aerosol Optical Depth

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Subtype: LANCE
Description: Near real-time (NRT) data are available from MODAPS for certain Aqua and Terra MODIS L0, L1, L2, L2G, and L3 products. Whereas the standard MODIS forward processing acquires 2-hour L0 files for Aqua and Terra from EDOS within 7-8 hours of real time, LANCE-MODIS acquires session-based L0 files from EDOS and the end of the session is available within 10-30 minutes after real time.
Subtype: LAADS
Description: Web site for MODIS Collection 4 atmosphere and Collection 5 L1B, Geo and atmosphere data ordering.
Web site for Suomi NPP VIIRs, ENVISAT MERIS, and Ancillary data ordering.
Subtype: ECHO
Description: Refine your granule search with ECHO's next generation Earth Science discovery tool (Reverb) using information from this record.

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