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Multiphase study of denials gram bacteria atypical of Antarctic origin
Entry ID: CNDA-ESP_ANT95-0107

Abstract: Three strains of psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from Antarctic coastal marine
environments were studied to determine their taxonomic position. These bacteria
were gram negative rods, facultatively anaerobic, and motile by means of a
single polar flagellum. None of the bacterial isolates had an Na+ requirement.
Only one of the strains was capable of producing H2S from thiosulfate (S203-2).
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M.J.Montes, C. Belloch, M. (Jaliana, M.D. García, C. Andrés, S. Ferrer, J.M.
Torres-Rodríguez and J. Guinea, Polyphasic Taxonomy of a novel yeast isolated
from Antartic environment, description of Cryptococcus victor/tic sp nov.
Systematic and Applied Microbiology. Vol.22, pagin 97 pagfln 105. Año 1999.
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