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MODIS/AQUA Near Real Time (NRT) Calibrated Radiances L1B Swath 1km (Collection 005)
Entry ID: MYD021KM

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Abstract: MODIS Near Real Time (NRT) image data at 1km (Nadir) resolution, calibrated from raw counts into physically meaningful radiances and reflectances. Corrections for known instrument effects are applied, include cross-talk between different bands. Data for the 500m and 250m bands are aggregated up to 1km resolution. Also includes quality flags, error estimates, and a 5km X 5km sub-sample of all geolocation data from the MYD03 files. More data set information: (The Shortname for this product is MYD021KM)
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Description: NASA LANCE Near Real Time data set descriptions and access links.
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Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 90.0   S: -90.0   E: 180.0   W: -180.0

Data Set Citation
Version: 5NRT
Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2015-12-27
Data Resolution
Temporal Resolution: Two day repeat observations with a repeat orbit pattern every 16 days.
Quality Overall NRT products match to operational with some expected minor differences from use of different ancillaries and ephemeris. There aren't any data gaps or data artifacts. Information on comparison of C5 Operational and NRT Atmospheric Products is posted at: Information on comparison of C6 Operational and NRT Atmospheric and Land Products is posted at: and
Data Set Progress
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