OSTM/Jason-2 Level-2 Geophysical Data Records
Entry ID: gov.noaa.class.J2-XGDR

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Link: http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/search/prod/
Description: The NODC Ocean Archive System is used to search and retrieve originator datasets and metadata from the NODC archives. Note: The Ocean Archive System searches original datasets as they were submitted to the NODC, not individual points or profiles. Users who wish to search and retrieve ocean profiles or objectively analyzed fields may search through NODC's WODselect (World Ocean Database Select and Search system). Users having trouble finding a particular data set may e-mail the NODC at NODC.Services@noaa.gov, or call at 301-713-3277.
Link: ftp://data.nodc.noaa.gov/pub/data.nodc/jason2
Link: http://data.nodc.noaa.gov/jason2
Link: http://data.nodc.noaa.gov/opendap/jason2
Link: http://www.class.noaa.gov/nsaa/products/search?sub_id=0&datatype_fa...
Description: Download options for OSTM/Jason-2: Level-2 Geophysical Data Records archived and distributed at CLASS.

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