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Coastal Ocean Microbial Plankton and Temperature

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Abstract: Temperature is a major driver of microbial plankton metabolism and ecosystem function although its interactions with other variables such as nutrient availability or predation pressure have precluded a comprehensive assessment of its role in the coastal ocean. Ecological theories linking temperature to metabolism, body size and abundance have been successfully applied to many groups of organisms ... View entire text

Purpose: COMITE will address the effects of future warming on the ecology and biogeochemical role of temperate coastal microbial assemblages through three different approaches: 1/ a retrospective analysis of the linkages between temperature, other environmental drivers and bacterial community structure and size-abundance relationships in a coastal time-series initiated in 2002 off Xix��n, Spain (southern ... View entire text
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Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2011-01-01
Stop Date: 2013-12-31
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DIF Creation Date: 2011-12-16
Last DIF Revision Date: 2016-10-14

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