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North Carolina Water Supply Watersheds
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Abstract: The North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources,
Division of Environmental Management, in cooperation with the NC Center for
Geographic Information and Analysis, developed the digital Water Supply
Watersheds data to enhance planning, siting and impact analysis in areas
directly affecting water supply intakes. This file outlines the extent of
protected and critical areas and stream classifications for areas around water
supply watersheds in which development directly affects a water supply intake.
This file enables users to identify the areas which have special restrictions
for building and development based on water supply intakes. This file is
updated as changes occur.

This data was created to assist governmental agencies and others in making
resource management decisions through use of a Geographic Information System

system filename: wsw
Revisions and updates to this layer include:

18.) filename: wsw496 The April 1, 1996 update: A) The Upper Frech Broad
River (Asheville) water supply watershed was moved from the proposed coverage
to the adopted coverage. B) The Mills River (Asheville) water supply watershed
was moved from the proposed coverage to the adopted coverage. C) The French
Broad River water supply watershed was moved from the adopted coverage into the
proposed coverage. These edits affect Buncombe and Henderson Counties. 17.)
filename: wsw396 The March 6, 1996 update: A) The Reedy Fork critical area
was changed to 'WS-III NSW' to match the protected area. This affected the
Greensboro 100k tile area. B) The Belews Creek protected area was changed to
'WS-IV' to match the critical area. This affected the Winston-Salem 100k tile
area. 16.) filename: wsw196 The January 25, 1996 update: A) Protected boundary
was altered in the Long Creek (Little Tennessee) watershed. The watershed name
was renamed to be Rock Creek (Little Tennessee). This affected the Robbinsville
24k quad. B) Protected boundary was altered in the South Fork Catawba River
watershed. This affected the Banoke 24k quad. C) Addition of protected
boundary for the Belews Creek watershed. This affected the Belews Creek 24k
quad. D) Watersheds were deleted by request of DEM-Tranters Creek which was on
the Rocky Mount & Plymouth 100k quads and Stokely Hollow which was on the
Asheville 100k quad. E) Extensive changes to the actual boundaries of the
watersheds throughout the state in an effort to have them coincident with the
Hydrologic Units adopted earlier by EHNR-DEM and USDA-NRCS. Boundaries
coincident in both coverages were deleted from the watershed file and copied
back from the hydrologic units file. PREVIOUS TO THE 1/25/96 FILE, THIS FILE
WAS NAMED: NC.WSW 15.) filname: nc.wsw695 The June 30, 1995 update: A)
Protected and critical boundaries were altered in the Hiawassee River
watershed. This affected the Mocksville, Peachtree, Marble, and Andrews 24k
quads. B) The protected boundary was altered in the South Fork Catawba River
watershed in Catawbaw and Lincoln Counties. The Banoak, Reepsville, and Maiden
24k quads were affected. C) The entire WSW area in Bear Creek was deleted in
Davie County, affecting the Mocksville and Calahan 24k quads. D) Protected and
critical boundaries were altered in the North Toe watershed in Avery and
Mitchell counties. This affects the Carvers Gap, Newland, Spruce Pine, and
Linville Falls 24k quads. 14.) filename: nc.wsw595 The May 4, 1995 update: an
arc was deleted which divided the South Yadkin River-Cooleemee protected area.
The change affects the area within the Cool Springs, Cooleemee, Calahan, and
Mocksville 24k quads. 13.) filename: nc.wsw195 The January 13, 1995 update: A)
A new boundary was added to the Hiawassee River (Murphy) in the Hiawassee River
Basin. This addition split the existing watershed, and the western half was
deleted. The change affects the Hayesville, Peachtree, and Murphy 24k quads.
12.) filename: nc.wsw1194 The November 4, 1994 update: A) The Smith River WSW,
in the Roanoke river basin, had one of its boundaries altered. The change
affects the Northeastern Eden 24k quad. 11.) filename: nc.wsw994 The September
13, 1994 update: A) The Lands Creek in the Little Tennessee River Basin in
Swain County on the Fontana Lake 100k quad had the PAT attributes added. 10.)
filename: nc.wsw894 The August 26, 1994 update consisted of the following
watershed adoptions (additions). A) The Deep River in Lee County, in the Cape
Fear River Basin. B) The Deep Creek in Swain County, in the Little Tennessee
River Basin. C) The Yadkin River in Davie County, in the Yadkin River Basin.
D.) The Yadkin River in King County, in the Yadkin River Basin, E) The South
Yadkin River in Cooleemee City, in the Yadkin River Basin. 9.) filename:
nc.wsw594 The May 18, 1994 update: A) The Tar River WSW within the Tar-Pamlico
river basin was deleted. 8.) filename: nc.wsw494 The April 28, 1994 update: A)
All proposed areas were removed from the data and are managed separately. Only
amended areas are now reflected in this data. 7.) filename: nc.wsw194 The
January 12, 1994 update: A) The Campbell Creek watershed in the French Broad
river basin had the northern boundary moved. The edits affected the Dellwood
24k quad. B) The South Fork Catawba in the Catawba Watershed had its
classification modified from WS-IV CA to WS-IV. C)The South Fork Catawba in
the Catawba Watershed had its protected area reduced in size. The change
affects the Banoak and Reepsville 24k quads. 6.) filename: nc.wsw102893 The
October 28, 1993 update: A) The South Fork Catawba had previously had the
protected area deleted. An additional portion of the boundary had been
deleted, which was supposed to remain. The boundary was added back into the
coverage. The affected maps were the 24k Maiden, Reepsville, Lincolnton West,
Hickory, and Banoak, 100k quads were Hickory and Gastonia. 5.) filename:
nc.wsw101593 The October 15, 1993 update: A) The northern protected area
boundary for Clark Creek was deleted and the east and west critical area
buffers were redigitized. Affected maps are the 24k Reepsville and Maiden and
the Hickory 100k quad. 4.) filename: The September 8, 1993 update:
A) The Little Tennessee River (Fontana Lake) protected area had the
southeastern radius line removed, and had a northern ridgeline added. Affected
maps are the 24k Fontana Dam and Tuskeegee quads, and the Fontana Lake 100k
quad. 3.) filename: wsw193 The January 22, 1993 update: A) Cold Water Creek
(Lake Fisher) in the Yadkin River Basin was changed from WS-III to WS-IV. 2.)
filename: The November 17, 1992 update: A) Stokely Hollow, 100k
Asheboro quad changed from WS-I to WS-II. B) Corrected location of Reddies
River intake for the Yadkin river basin, Wilkesboro 24k, Boone 100k. C) Changed
location of watershed boundary, intake, and critical area for the South Fork
New River, New River Basin, Jefferson 24k, West Jefferson 24k Boone 100k. 1.)
filename: nc.pcarv.old (protected/critical area with the same state lake as the
.coe coverage, but this version was interpreted from USGS maps) filename:
nc.pcarv.coe (protected/critical area with the Army Corp of Engineers version
of a state lake) filename: nc.pcarv Previous to August 1992, this file was
called Public Water Supply watersheds and only included WS-I, WS-II, WS-III
classifications. filename: nc.pca filename: nc.pca2

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Description: Metadata in Biological Data Profile format.

Geographic Coverage
 N: 36.5302 S: 34.1625  E: -75.631  W: -83.9814

Data Set Citation
Dataset Originator/Creator: North Carolina DEHNR Div. Environmental Management, Water Quality Planning
Dataset Title: North Carolina Water Supply Watersheds
Dataset Release Date: 19960401
Dataset Release Place: Raleigh, North Carolina
Dataset Publisher: North Carolina DEHNR Div. Environmental Management, Water Quality Planning
Data Presentation Form: map
Online Resource:

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1992-08-01
Stop Date: 1996-04-01

Location Keywords

Science Keywords

ISO Topic Category

The NC DEHNR-DEM delineated the boundaries on 24k USGS paper topographic maps.
NCCGIA digitized these boundaries and attributed them with DEM classification
information, river basin and stream names, and acres per polygon. The digital
files were plotted and overlayed to the originals and linework and label
corrections were made. This digital file is updated as changes occur.
Using ESRI's ARC/INFO GIS software, the dataset was built for arc and polygon
topology using the "build" command. The data set was then cleaned with a fuzzy
tolerance of 1 foot. Topology has not been edited since the last build or

These data represent the locations and identities of Water Supply Watersheds in
North Carolina as mapped by the NCDEM. Each watershed is labeled with either a
protected or critical area classification. All boundaries are approved by DEM
whether they are the original DEM boundaries or changes to original boundaries
submitted for revision by local or county governments.

Access Constraints

Use Constraints
Acknowledgement of products derived from this data set should cite the
following: The source of the Water Supply Watersheds data is the North
Carolina Corporate Geographic Database. Earlier versions of this dataset may
exist. The user must be sure to use the appropriate data set for the time
period of interest. While efforts have been made to ensure that these data are
accurate and reliable within the state of the art, CGIA cannot assume liability
for any damages or misrepresentation caused by any inaccuracies in the data or
as a result of changes to the data caused by system transfers.

high quality waters
nutrient sensitive waters
outstanding resource waters
stream classifications
trout waters

Data Set Progress

Data Center
Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, North Carolina    [Information]
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North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
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Creation and Review Dates
DIF Creation Date: 2003-04-29
Last DIF Revision Date: 2016-11-18
Future DIF Review Date: 2004-04-29

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