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The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Project

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Description: Main Web Site
Description: JPL is one of the main NASA/CCAD project participants. 100-meter resolution
JERS radar imagery of Central America will be downloadable from this site.
There are also links to the JPL Imaging Radar page, which is dedicated to
informing the public about the work that NASA and JPL (and other institutions)
are conducting in radar remote sensing of the Earth's surface. It assists
interested users on how they may obtain, utilize, and analyze radar data and
images. (Source: GHCC/MSFC/NASA)
Description: The University of Maine is another principal NASA/CCAD project collaborator.
The university's Maine Image Analysis Laboratory (MIAL) is a research facility
for the application of satellite remote sensing and geographic information
systems to natural resource management. One of the research areas of MIAL is
time series forest change and land cover/land use conversion in Petén,
Guatemala. Housed in the Department of Forest Management at the University of
Maine, the laboratory maintains facilities for digital image processing,
geographic information analysis and photo interpretation. (Source:
Description: A very useful site, PROCIG (Proyecto Centroamericano de Información Geográfica
para el Desarrollo) is a network of Central American organizations dedicated to
the development and advancement of Geographic Information Systems throughout
the region. (Source: GHCC/MSFC/NASA)

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