Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study Data on CD-ROM

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Link: http://ols.nndc.noaa.gov/plolstore/plsql/olstore.prodspecific?prodn...
Description: LATEX-A CD-ROM information and order page.
Link: http://www.esdim.noaa.gov/NOAAServer/
Description: NOAA Server page.
Link: http://www.gulfbase.org/project/view.php?pid=lspop
Description: LATEX home page at Texas A&M University
Link: http://seawater.tamu.edu/cgi-bin/nph-nc/noppdodsgom/data/currents/l...
Description: DODS Directory page
Link: http://seawater.tamu.edu/cgi-bin/nph-nc/noppdodsgom/data/hydro/latex/
Description: DODS Directory page

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