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TRMM Data Reader
Entry ID: TRMM_Data_Reader

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Abstract: Read_HDF v2 (previously called TRMM Data Reader) is a tool to read in a TRMM HDF data file and write out user-selected SDS arrays and Vdata tables as separate flat binary files. New functionalities have recently been added including options to choose ascii output format, and running the program in batch mode. This software currently runs on UNIX systems.

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Description: The software listed supports HDF or HDF-EOS. Some have been posted by NASA, and
some have been submitted to us by site users. All the postings listed are
believed to be accurate, but NASA ESDIS can not vouch for the software quality
or for its suitability for any particular task. If you have tried the software
and have an opinion of it, or of its suitability for a particular purpose, we
encourage you to post your own review by clicking on the "Feedback" link at the
bottom of the Software Details page for the tool of interest. Your review will
be sent to the website administrator and posted at a later date. Of course any
reviews posted reflect the opinion of the reviewer and not of NASA, NCSA or the
ESDIS project.

Description: TRMM DIFs.
Service Citation
Title: Read_HDF v2
Release_Date: 2004-05-11
Edition: v2
Service Keywords

Use Constraints Available on SGI-Irix and Sun-Solaris platforms.
Ancillary Keywords
gridded data
swath data

Service Provider
NASA/GSFC/SED/ESD/GCDC/GESDISC > Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (formerly Goddard DAAC), Global Change Data Center, Earth Sciences Division, Science and Exploration Directorate, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Supplemental Info
Service Organization URL:

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: 301-614-5224
Fax: 301-614-5268
Email: gsfc-help-disc at
Contact Address:
Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center
Code 610.2
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
City: Greenbelt
Province or State: MD
Postal Code: 20771
Country: USA
Distribution Media
Distribution_Media: Electronic/Download
Distribution_Size: 625 KB
Fees: None
Phone: (301) 614-6898
Fax: 301-614-5268
Email: Tyler.B.Stevens at
Contact Address:
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Global Change Master Directory
City: Greenbelt
Province or State: MD
Postal Code: 20771
Country: USA
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SERF Creation Date: 2003-01-03
SERF Last Revision Date: 2014-12-19
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