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Collaborative Research: Deciphering the Deep Ice and the Ice-water Interface over Lake Vostok Using Existing Radar Data
Entry ID: creyts_0537752

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Abstract: This award supports a project to evaluate radio-echo intensities in the available SOAR ice-penetrating radar data along grids covering Lake Vostok, and along four regional tracks from Ridge B toward the lake. The project has two objectives; first, it will examine the upper surface of the lake and reflectors hypothesized to be a boundary between the meteoric and accreted ice. They will provide ... View entire text

Purpose: Findings:

We have investigated the hypothesis that the meteoric?accreted ice boundary
is visible as a weak reflector in the radar data. Using ice-core and borehole-temperature
data, we seek possible reflection causes that explain the radar-derived
reflectivity (~48 dB). Ice-core data show large variations in the number
density of inclusions, soluble chloride-ion concentration ([Cl?]),
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Description: The Earth2Class workshop presentations have been included in the proposal as outreach activities.

Description: NSF Award #0537752
Ancillary Keywords
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Phone: (845) 365-8368
Email: tcreyts at
Contact Address:
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
109B Oceanography 61 Rt. 9W
City: Palisades
Province or State: NY
Postal Code: 10964-8000
Country: USA
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Joseph A. MacGregor, Kenichi Matsuoka, Michelle R. Koutnik, Edwin D. Waddington, Michael Studinger and Dale P. Winebrenner, "Millennially averaged accumulation rates for the Lake Vostok region inferred from deep internal layers", Annals of Glaciology, vol. 51, (2009), p. ., " " Accepted

J.A. MacGregor, K. Matsuoka and M. Studinger, "Radar detection of accreted ice over Lake 1 Vostok, Antarctica", ... View entire text
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