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MOPITT ATBD - Retrieval of Carbon Monoxide Profiles and Column Amounts of Carbon Monoxide and Methane (Level 1 - 2)
Entry ID: 01-mopitt-99
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Abstract: The intent of the MOPITT ATBD is to describe the algorithm involved in
converting the Level 1 MOPITT radiances into the Level 2 products of retrieved
CO profiles and column amounts of CO and CH 4.

MOPITT CO measurements primary objective is to obtain profiles with a
resolution of 22 km horizontally, 3 km vertically and with an accuracy of 10%
throughout the troposphere. A CO total column amount measurement will also be
made with a 10% accuracy. For CH 4 , the objective is to measure the column in
the troposphere to a precision of better than 1%, with a spatial resolution
similar to that of the CO measurement. The column amounts of CO and CH 4 will
only be available on the sunlit side of the orbit as standard level 2 MOPITT

The concentration of CO in the earth's atmosphere had been increasing mainly
because of increased human activities (Khalil and Rasmussen, 1984). However
recent surface mesurments by Novelli et al.(1994), show a leveling off of the
CO concentration. The full range of the effects of the increased concentration
of CO is not fully understood at the present time, but it is believed that CO
is photochemically active and plays a major part in the concentration of OH
radicals in the troposphere. Increased CO may deplete tropospheric OH radicals,
thereby reducing the yearly removal of many natural and anthropogenic trace
species. In particular, this effect may add to the increase of CH 4, which in
turn could further reduce OH concentration. Increased CO may also indirectly
intensify global warming and perturb the stratospheric ozone layer by
increasing the lifetime of trace gases such as CH 4 , CH3 Cl, CH3 CCl3 , and

[Summary adapted from the MOPITT ATBD pdf file.]

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Description: The MOPITT home page offers information and graphics related to the
MOPITT instrument on board the AM-1 satellite.
Service Citation
Originators: NCAR MOPITT Team
Title: Measurement Of Pollution In The Troposhere (MOPITT) Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)
Release_Date: 1996-08-01
Provider: NASA
Edition: 3
ISO Topic Category
This service is best suited for scientists and researchers.
Access Constraints
All ATBDs are provided in PDF format which can be viewed with Adobe
Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is a freely downloadable document viewer.

The Langley Distributed Active Archive Center (LaRC DAAC) will archive
and distribute data that result from MOPITT. Data can be ordered via
the LaRC DAAC web site at
Service Provider
Earth Science Data and Information System Project, Earth Observing System,Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: (416) 978-4723
Fax: (416) 978-8905
Email: jim at
Contact Address:
Physics Department, University of Toronto, 60 St.
City: Toronto
Province or State: Ontario
Postal Code: M5S 1A7
Country: Canada
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Distribution_Media: Electronic
Distribution_Size: 2935 KB
Distribution_Format: pdf file
Phone: (301) 614-6898
Fax: 301-614-5268
Email: Tyler.B.Stevens at
Contact Address:
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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City: Greenbelt
Province or State: MD
Postal Code: 20771
Country: USA
An extensive list of references is available on pages 62-65 of the
MOPITT ATBD pdf file.
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SERF Creation Date: 1999-11-04
SERF Last Revision Date: 2007-02-23
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