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Record Search Query: ServiceParameters>DATA MANAGEMENT/DATA HANDLING>DATA SEARCH AND RETRIEVAL Online Tool for Purchasing, Distribution, and Sharing of Landsat Imagery

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Abstract: allows users to purchase, distribute, and share Landsat TM
(Landsats 4 and 5) and ETM+ (Landsat 7) imagery worldwide by providing a
simplified, platform-independent user interface and search engine with online
data ordering. supports research centers, science teams, and
educational organizations by providing customized search interfaces, access to
data hosting services, clearinghouse services, data brokering, and imagery

Use this web site to access archived imagery at substantial discounts or use
our brokering services to order new TM and ETM+ data. If you have imagery you
would like to share or exchange, join our cooperative free of charge and enjoy
additional benefits.

[Summary provided by Michigan State University.]
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Description: Satellite Image Gallery.
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Service Citation
Originators: Michigan State University
Title: Online Tool for Purchasing, Distribution, and Sharing of Landsat Imagery
Provider: Michigan State University
Service Keywords
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Access Constraints provides users with easy access to Landsat TM and ETM+ data. This
web site is an alternative gateway to the very same publicity available Landsat
data collected and housed by NASA and the USGS. Because Landsat TM and ETM+
data are public domain data, we choose to redistribute the imagery we have
already purchased and housed in our growing archive at over 90% off ... View entire text
Use Constraints Data from this archive are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis to be used
primarily for scientific research, educational and other non profit
applications or for illustration in publications. (See " Credit
Line" below).

Users of Landsat data will NOT duplicate data acquired from us for the purpose
of resale. We request that when users ... View entire text
Ancillary Keywords
Imagery Distribution
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Service Provider
MSU/CGCEO/TRFIC/LANDSAT > Landsat, Tropical Rain Forest Information Center, Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Michigan State University Supplemental Info
Service Organization URL:

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: 517-432-7774
Fax: 517-353-2932
Contact Address:
Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
Michigan State University
1405 S. Harrison Ave Room 101
City: East Lansing
Province or State: MI
Postal Code: 48823
Country: USA
Distribution Media
Distribution_Media: Online
Distribution_Format: EOS-HDF
Fees: varies per image
Phone: (301) 614-6898
Fax: 301-614-5268
Email: Tyler.B.Stevens at
Contact Address:
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Global Change Master Directory
City: Greenbelt
Province or State: MD
Postal Code: 20771
Country: USA
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SERF Last Revision Date: 2008-02-22
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