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GoMOOS: Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
Entry ID: GoMOOS
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Abstract: The accuracy and timeliness of coastal and ocean predictions that
could help mitigate the effects of large-scale ocean phenomena have
been constrained by an incomplete understanding of ocean processes. By
taking advantage of OGC specifications, the Gulf of Maine Ocean
Observing System (GoMOOS) plays a key role in detecting signs of
change, from slight to spectacular, in the coastal waters of the
Northeastern U.S.

GoMOOS aims to predict coastal events, promote understanding of
natural systems, and solve practical problems that affect commerce and
public safety. As GoMOOS users implement open specifications such as
OGC's Web Map Service (WMS), layers of data in different formats
combine to tell multi-dimensional stories about the ocean?past,
present, and future. GoMOOS is a national pilot program, part of a
developing federation of regional and global partners that will be
contributing data to larger pools of information for use by commercial
mariners, coastal resource managers, scientists trying to understand
complex ecosystems and predict climate change, educators, search and
rescue teams, emergency response teams, and public health officials.

GoMOOS members, who are the primary sources of GoMOOS data,
include U.S. and Canadian government agencies, research facilities,
and commercial entities. Among the diverse group are the Atlantic
Pilotage Authority in Nova Scotia, Maine Lobstermen's Association, New
England Aquarium, RD Instruments in San Diego, Rutgers University, and
the U.S. Geological Survey in Woods Hole, MA.

Coordinating information provided by regional oceanographic data
collectors sounds complicated. Consolidating that data into a global
scheme sounds daunting. Not so, however.

GoMOOS is a working prototype for a regional ocean observing system.
Although its current arena is the regional states and provinces that
border the Gulf of Maine, GoMOOS is preparing to serve the entire
nation when the national system comes online.

GoMOOS is a national pilot program designed to bring hourly oceanographic data
from the Gulf of Maine to all those who need it, including:

* Commercial Mariners making everyday decisions that impact their safety
and livelihood.
* Coastal Resource Managers seeking to maintain economically and
environmentally vital resources.
* Scientists trying to understand complex ecosystems and predict climate
* Educators conveying the complexity and urgency of ocean science.
* Search and Rescue Teams trying to find and save lives.
* Emergency Response Teams mitigating damage from environmental disasters.
* Public Health Officials concerned about outbreaks of harmful algal blooms
(such as red tide).

Service Citation
Title: GoMOOS: Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
Provider: GoMOOS
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Service Provider
Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: 207.773.0423
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350 Commercial Street, Suite 308
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Creation and Review Dates
SERF Creation Date: 2005-07-12
SERF Last Revision Date: 2011-04-20
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