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Numerical model of glacier thermo-mechanics
Entry ID: CNDA-ESP_SERF_REN2002-03199
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Abstract: In English:
Three-dimensional transient model of glacier thermo-mechanics.
It consists of three main sub-models:
-Dynamical sub-model (full Stokes system).
-Thermal sub-model.
-Free-surface evolution sub-model.
The model is numerically solved by uncoupling the various sub-models by means
of an iterative procedure. The dynamical sub-model is solved by using a mixed
velocity-pressure Galerkin finite element method; the thermal model is solved
by using a streamline upwind (or modified artificial diffusion) Galerkin finite
element method; and the surface-evolution sub-model is solved by using
semilagrangian methods.

En EspaƱol:
Modelo tridimensional y dependiente del tiempo de termomecanica glaciar.
Costa de tres submodelos principales:
-Submodelo dinamico (sistema de Stokes completo).
-Submodelo termico.
-Submodelo de evolucion de la superficie libre.
El modelo se resuelve numericamente mediante un procedimiento iterativo que
desacopla los distintos submodelos. El submodelo dinamico se resuelve mediante
un metodo de Galerkin de elementos finitos con formulacion mixta
velocidad-presion; el submodelo termico se resuelve mediante un metodo de
Galerkin de tipo streamline-upwind (o difusion artificial modificado); y el
submodelo de evolucion de la superficie libre se resuelve mediante metodos

Service Citation
Originators: Navarro Valero, Francisco Jose
Title: Numerical model of glacier thermo-mechanics
Provider: Departamento de Matematica aplicada a las Tecnologias de la Informacion, UPM
ISO Topic Category
Service Provider
Departamento de Matematica Aplicada de la Informacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: +34913367284
Phone: +34 915 495 700 ext. 2204
Fax: +34913367289
Email: fnv at
Contact Address:
Dpto. Matematica Aplicada
ETSI de Telecomunicaciones
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria s/n
City: Madrid
Postal Code: E-28040
Country: ESPANA
Phone: +34913495889
Fax: +34913495929
Email: o.bermudez at
Contact Address:
Centro Nacional de Datos Antarticos
Instituto Geologico y Minero de Espana
C/ Rios Rosas 23
City: Madrid
Postal Code: E-28003
Country: SPAIN
Corcuera, M.I., Navarro, F.J., Martin, C., Calvet, J. & Ximenis, L. (2001).
Finite element modelling of the steady-state dynamics of Johnsons Glacier
(Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica). Mat. Glyatsiol.
Issled. (Data Glaciol. Studies), 90, 156-168.

Corcuera, M.I., Martin, C., Navarro, F.J., Calvet, J. & Ximenis, L. (2002). A
flowplane model of the dynamics of Johnsons Glacier (Livingston Island, South
Shetland Islands, Antarctica). Bull. Roy. Soc. New Zeal., 35, 381-390.

Martin, C., Navarro, F.J., Otero, J., Cuadrado, M.L. & Corcuera, M.I. (2004).
Three-dimensional modelling of the dynamics of Johnsons glacier (Livingston
Island, Antarctica). Ann. Glaciol., 39, 1-8.

Martin, C., Hindmarsh, R.C.A. & Navarro, F.J. (2005). Dating ice-flow change
near the flow divide at Roosevelt Island, Antarctica, using a thermomechanical
model to predict radar stratigraphy. J. Geophys. Res., 111, in press.
Creation and Review Dates
SERF Creation Date: 2006-02-09
SERF Last Revision Date: 2007-04-18
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