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Potential Field Source Surface Models
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Abstract: Potential Field Source Surface Models provide an approximate description of the solar coronal magnetic field based on observed photospheric fields (magnetograms). They were initially developed by Altschuler and Newkirk (Sol. Phys. 9, 131, 1969) and Schatten et al. (Sol. Phys. 6, 442, 1969), and later refined by Hoeksema (1984 Thesis, Stanford University) and Wang and Sheeley (ApJ 392, 310, 1992).
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Description: Potential Field Source Surface Mode simulations results.

Description: Request a run of the Potential Field Source Surface Model.
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Caption Description:  Magnetic Field

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Originators: J. Luhmann et al., SSL/UC Berkeley
Title: Potential Field Source Surface Models
Provider: Community Coordinated Modeling Center
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Coronal Magnetic Field

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Altschuler, M.D. and G. Newkirk, Magnetic fields and structure of solar corona .I. Methods of calculating coronal fields, Solar Physics 9, 131, 1969.

Hoeksema, J. T. 1984, Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University.

Schatten, K. H., Wilcox J. M, and N. F. Ness, A model of interplanetary and coronal magnetic fields, Solar Physics, 6, 442, 1969.

Wang, Y. M. And N. R. Sheeley , On potential-field models of the solar corona, Astrophysical Journal 392 (1): 310-319 Part 1 JUN 10 1992.
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