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MISR Order and Customization Tool
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Abstract: The NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) MISR teams announce the release of a new and innovative tool for ordering and customizing MISR data products.

This new MISR Order and Customization Tool provides a simple and intuitive
interface to search and customize MISR data products. The new interface
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Description: MISR's Homepage.

Description: The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) was successfully launched into
sun-synchronous polar orbit aboard Terra, NASA's first Earth Observing System
(EOS) spacecraft, on December 18, 1999. MISR measurements are designed to
improve our understanding of the Earth's environment and climate.

Viewing the sunlit Earth simultaneously at nine widely-spaced angles, MISR
provides radiometrically and geometrically calibrated images in four spectral
bands at each of the angles. Spatial sampling of 275 and 1100 meters is
provided on a global basis. The MISR instrument orbits the Earth about 15 times
each day. There are 233 distinct orbits which are repeated every 16 days. These
233 repeating orbits are called paths,and since the paths overlap, near global
coverage is obtained in 9 days

The MISR data products are available in HDF-EOS format.
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- Windows 2000, XP
- Mac OS X
- Linux

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- Internet Explorer 6,
- Netscape 8 and 7.2,
- Firefox 1.5,
- Opera 8.5,
- Mozilla 1.7
- Netscape 7.2

Not Supported
- Safari
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Distribution Media: Electronic
Distribution Format: HTML
Fees: none
Phone: 757-864-8656
Email: support-asdc at
Contact Address:
NASA Langley Atmospheric Science Data Center
User and Data Services
NASA Langley Research Center
Mail Stop 157D
City: Hampton
Province or State: VA
Postal Code: 23681-2199
Country: USA
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