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Parameter Weighted Average for Giovanni-3
Entry ID: G3_ParmWtAvg

Abstract: The Parameter Weighting Operation is employed in Giovanni-3 so that one parameter (SDS) is weighted by another when computing any average (or similar statistical quantity such as standard deviation). The averaging can be conducted either spatially or temporally.

Note: In Giovanni-3, Parameter Weighting is currently only applied to the computation of the MODIS &Aerosol Small Mode Fraction& which is weighted by Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD). In this case, a valid weight is defined to be any AOD ≥ 0. (Note that this definition is equivalent to resetting any negative measurement of AOD to 0 for the purpose of the weighting operation.)
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Quality Data quality is dependent on input data sets and processing.
Access Constraints There are no access constraints to data in Giovanni-3.
Use Constraints Use of the data and the Giovanni system should be acknowledged
in published works and presentations.
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