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Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Viewer

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Abstract: There has been increasing demand for research utilizing all information generated from lidar remote sensing data and not just bare earth digital elevation models (DEMs). While this technology has been a proven mapping tool, effective for generating bare earth DEMs,research on using the entire point cloud of this remote sensing data for scientific applications have been slowed by the high cost of collecting lidar and a steep learning curve on research and understanding involving utilizing the entire point cloud.

The Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) map viewer lets you zoom, analyze, query, and download LIDAR and related thematic data sets from the USGS.

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Description: Access the LIDAR viewer.
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Caption:  Tools on the LIDAR Viewer
Quality This lidar point cloud data is provided 'As Is', with varying processing and accuracy. The USGS is not responsible for bare earth processing, populating fields other than xyz, or validating reported vertical and horizontal accuracies. This data is provided for non-mapping applications. Query fields for possible added information. Use point cloud data at your own risk.
Access Constraints The viewer and data is available for public access.
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