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Abstract: The OPeNDAP Data Access Protocol (DAP) is a protocol for requesting and transporting data across the web. DAP 2.0 uses HTTP to frame the requests and responses.

OPeNDAP has developed a software framework that simplifies all aspects of scientific data networking, allowing simple access to remote data. Local data can be made accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format by using servers. Existing, familiar data analysis and visualization applications can be transformed into clients (i.e., applications able to access remote served data).
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Description: OPeNDAP catalog information from the Goddard DAAC Data Pool is a web-based visualization tool for on-line (Data Pools) data. Any center that have on-line data can participate by installing a special DODS server that can "see" the on-line data. Correspondingly, Users should install DODS clients on their side to be able to connect to servers.

Description: OPeNDAP software downloads.
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