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Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement (LGGE) has built its reputation on the scientific study of climate and atmospheric composition. These studies focus on the present but also on past trends through the archives that make up the snow and ice accumulated over time. However LGGE has other very competitive know-how focused on snow and ice, as the physical and mechanical properties of ice, the air-snow chemical exchange or the acquisition of field data and satellite . The research carried out combines technological and analytical approach to numerical modeling related to various fields, from the atmosphere to the flow of ice masses. The Arctic and Antarctic polar regions are preferred sites of action of LGGE but experience also extends to mountain areas: study of alpine glaciers, Andean and Himalayan pollution in the Alpine valleys. These studies contribute to understanding major scientific problems that are often social issues such as the greenhouse effect, climate variability and the environment, the mass balance of the cryosphere, the wide pollution global and regional or glacial hazards. The research topics of LGGE developed within the four scientific teams are presented in the "Research Teams" and the list of publications and activity reports are available in "Scientific Production".

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