Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Division de Ciencias Biologicas, Universidad Simon Bolivar

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The Museum of Natural Sciences of the Universidad Simon Bolivar was created by resolution of the College Board on September 28, 1983. Since the September 19, 2000 the Museum is duly registered with the Department of Wildlife, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources under the MI-001 number.

The MCN is composed of a series of collections of specimens of fauna and flora as well as recent fossils. Since its founding, these collections were established to be used in research as representative references of the national fauna and flora.


The MCN has five collections, each under the responsibility of a Conservative and a Laboratory of Biological Preparations that supports the activities of each collection and has a technician. One of the Conservatives is also Coordinator of MCN. The collections are:

a) Collection of Paleobiology by Prof. Omar Linares (Dept. of Environmental Studies).

b) Collection of aquatic fauna by Prof. Patricia Miloslavich (Dept. of Environmental Studies).

c) Collection of Entomology by Prof. Solange Issa (Department of Organismal Biology).

d) Collection of Mammalogy by Prof. Guillermo Barreto (Department of Organismal Biology).

e) Herbarium by Prof. Teresa Iturriaga (Department of Organismal Biology).

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