Center for Geographic Information Sciences, Towson University

Data Center Description
The Center for Geographic Information Sciences (CGIS) is a
self-supporting organization that provides geographic
information systems (GIS) services in the Mid-Atlantic
Region. In 1984, the Department of Geography and Environmental
Planning at Towson University established CGIS to support the
University's GIS and related courses. CGIS has expanded since
then to include joint projects with and contract work for
government agencies, businesses, and non-profit
organizations. The CGIS mission is to assist, equip, educate,
and empower its clients to effectively use GIS technology. As
you will read in the following pages, CGIS offers a suite of
services that provide the data, tools, and training necessary to
integrate geographic data into critical day-to-day decisions.

To achieve its mission, CGIS possesses cutting-edge hardware
resources and a superior software library that includes a full
suite of ESRI products and several image processing packages to
create, analyze, and manage geographic data. Most importantly,
CGIS employs a cadre of full-time, degreed professionals
organized to satisfy client and contract needs. In fact, while
map-enabled technologies such as GIS require sophisticated
hardware and software, the essential CGIS resource is the skill
of its workforce.

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