Agronomy and Soils, Auburn University

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Agronomy and Soils at Auburn University:

Courses prepare Agronomy graduates for the chemical industry,
producers of fertilizers, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals;
farm-advisory agencies such as soil testing laboratories and other
private consultants; public farm-advisory agencies such as the
Agricultural Extension Service or the Soil Conservation Service;
research agencies of corporations, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
colleges and universities and State Agricultural Experiment Stations;
turf grass industry and farming.

The Agronomy and Soils curriculum at Auburn University offers the
student a wide range of opportunities. This curriculum allows for
specialization by offering a Production Track, a Business Track, a
Turf Management Track and a Science Track.

In addition to courses that are specific for the area of study (crop
production, turf grass management, plant breeding, weed science, soil
classification, land management, soil fertility and soil testing),
Agronomy and Soils students take courses in such basic sciences as
biology, chemistry, math, physics and computer science.

While at Auburn, students participate in many campus activities. An
important one for the Agronomy and Soils major is the Agronomy
Club. This organization offers students the opportunity to meet and
exchange ideas with other students, with faculty and with guest
lecturers. It also provides tours of private businesses and research
facilities in Alabama and neighboring states. Students also
participate in intercollegiate soil judging contests, an activity in
which Auburn teams have been consistent winners.


[Summary provided by Auburn University.]

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