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Augsburg College Physics Department:

Recognizing the importance of physics in contemporary life and the
need to keep abreast of rapid technological advances, the department
strives to give students not only an understanding of basic concepts,
but also insights into recent developments. A rigorous major provides
students with the preparation required for graduate study in
physics. It also provides flexibility, serving as a stepping stone to
advanced work in related areas such as astronomy, engineering,
computer science, atmospheric science and meteorology, oceanography,
biophysics, environmental science, and the medical and health-related

The department serves the liberal arts by offering courses for
non-science students that enable them to attain a general
understanding of a particular area of science. These courses provide
the basis for further study and enable students to follow new
developments with some degree of comprehension.

The department supervises the pre-engineering program, with degree
programs available at cooperating universities at both the bachelor?s
and advanced degree levels, and administers Augsburg College?s portion
of funds designated for the Minnesota Space Grant College Consortium,
funded by NASA. It also maintains active research programs through its
Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences and the Sverdrup Laboratory
for Solid State Physics, with support from the National Science
Foundation, NASA, and other private and public sources. Several
students work as research assistants in these efforts during the
academic year and in the summer. Cooperative education, internship,
and undergraduate research programs provide opportunities for students
to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in practical
situations in industrial, governmental, and academic settings.


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