Biology Department, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

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In Spring 2002, Dean David Young of the College of Liberal Arts and
Sciences appointed a Life Sciences Reorganization Committee to
recommend a plan for the organization and implementation of a School
of Life Sciences within the College. The School would incorporate the
three existing academic departments of Biology, Plant Biology and
Microbiology. The graduate program in molecular and cellular biology
has also elected to join the School of Life Sciences. The Dean charged
the Committee to think boldly about the future of the life sciences
locally, nationally and globally. He challenged the committee to
position the college and ASU to be a major leader in the advancement
of new discoveries in the life sciences and to provide world-class
educational experiences for our undergraduate and graduate
students. The proposal for the new School of Life Sciences was
enthusiastically approved by the university administration and by the
Arizona Board of Regents in Fall, 2002, and the process of
implementation is underway. The new unit began operation in July 1,
2003, making possible new collaborations and creating new
opportunities for the life sciences at Arizona State University.


[Summary provided by Arizona State University.]

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