Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

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The Department of Soil and Crop Sciences is a unit within the College
of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University. A principal
mission of the Department is to provide quality undergraduate and
graduate education in the areas of soils, crops, and plant genetics to
men and women from Colorado, from across the nation, and from
overseas. Degrees granted include the Bachelor of Science, Master of
Science, and Doctor of Philosophy.

The Department is engaged in soil and crops research covering a wide
range of basic and applied problems. Field crops of economic
importance to Colorado include wheat, corn, sugarbeets, field beans,
sorghum, millets, barley and forage legumes, and grasses. In addition
to the more traditional research areas, Soil and Crop Sciences at
Colorado State, because of its location, has been involved in soil and
plant research on lands disturbed by energy exploration since
considerable coal is mined and the largest area of oil shale in the
U.S. or world is located in Colorado.


[Summary provided by Colorado State University.]

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