Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University

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The Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University is both an academic department within Columbia University and a provider of information services to the New York Presbyterian Healthcare Network. In addition, the group is actively involved in the transfer of information technology to industry through the Center for Advanced Technology.

The emergence of biomedical informatics as a new discipline is due in large part to rapid advances in computing and communications technology, to an increasing awareness that the knowledge base of biomedicine is essentially unmanageable by traditional paper-based methods, and to a growing conviction that the process of informed decision making is as important to modern biomedicine as is the collection of facts on which clinical decisions or research plans are made.

Our department is dedicated to achieving the finest basic and applied work in biomedical informatics and excellent educational programs in the field.

Our faculty's work includes the development and evaluation of innovative information technologies for a variety of biomedical purposes:

-to improve health care in clinical settings and in patient homes

-to facilitate new discoveries and the interpretation of complex data
being generated in the basic biomedical sciences, with an emphasis on
molecular biology and genomics

-to enhance the quality of imaging modalities, plus the generation and
use of virtual environments

-to improve our understanding of public health and the ways in which
new knowledge can be derived from information regarding populations of


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