Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University

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Research in Biology at the Department of Plant Biology at Cornell University:

-Approximately 300 undergraduates get academic credit for the research
that they are involved in by enrolling in BioG499. 150 faculty members
all over campus serve as research advisors for these students. Check
out the list of departments with biologists in them to get an idea of
the wide range of topics that you can work on.

-Cornell has received funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
for 10 years to support a summer research program. Nearly 575 students
have participated in the program since 1990. Selected students spend
10 weeks on campus in the summer doing full-time research and taking
part in many social activities.

-Cornell sends more students to graduate school than any other
academic institution in the country (National Research Council).

-This year 5 Cornell biology majors received support from the National
Science Foundation for their graduate school training.

-This year 13 Cornell biology majors were awarded prestigious
fellowships to continue their academic and research studies.


[Summary provided by Cornell University.]

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