Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University

Data Center Description
The Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center (RVSMDC) located
at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies on the campus
of the Florida State University, collects, quality-controls, archives,
and distributes surface meteorological observations from international
research vessels. Available data include observations made by
nearly-continuous automated recording system and ship bridge crews. We
specialize in the quality evaluation of high-temporal resolution
observations from automated weather systems.

The RVSMDC uses both automated and visual quality control procedures
developed for TOGA-COARE and WOCE to create value-added products. Our
archive now contains data for nearly three-quarters of the completed
WOCE cruises. We have expanded our archive to a number of non-WOCE
cruises and we now have data for over 60 research vessels in our

Value-added research vessel meteorological data have been used to
validate satellite measurement and model-derived global ocean
fields. The observations have also proven ideal for ocean turbulent
flux studies.


[Summary provided by Florida State University.]

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