Meteorology Department, Lyndon State College

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The meteorology department at Lyndon State University wants its graduates to
have an understanding of the atmosphere that enables them to make a positive
contribution to their profession and to society. Because students may select
from four different career tracks, this contribution could range from creating
accurate weather forecasts, to communicating those efforts to clients or the
public, to further advancing our understanding of the atmosphere through
research endeavors. Regardless of their track, however, students are required
to complete a core of study that gives them an essential foundation for
understanding weather events.

Program goals:

1. To provide students with the necessary education and training to be
and competitive in their chosen career track by maintaining a current and
rigorous curriculum.

2. To provide students with a broad-based understanding of meteorological

3. To provide students with several career tracks that allow them to develop
specialized skills.

4. To provide students with an environment that encourages experiential
Data analysis and interpretation in a laboratory setting
Field trips and participation in field programs
Research experience

5. To provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills

6. To expose students to professionals and meteorological events beyond the


[Summary provided by Lyndon State University.]

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