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The libraries on the Ohio State University Columbus Campus--University
Libraries, the Moritz Law Library, and the Prior Health Sciences Library--have
a combined collection size of nearly 5.7 million volumes and regularly receive
approximately 43,000 serial titles. A more complete statistical profile, an
organization chart, a variety of administrative reports, and presentations of
the Director of Libraries are available.

University Libraries consists of the Main Library and a number of department
libraries and other specialized collections. University Libraries is also a
member of OhioLINK, a statewide library and information network linking the
major academic and community college libraries in Ohio, plus the State Library.

The Main Library provides materials and services related to the humanities and
social and political sciences. The collection includes major reference
materials, government documents and some special collections.

The department libraries support the course work and research of faculty,
graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students in various fields
of study. There are collections in agriculture, art, life and physical
sciences, economics, education, engineering, home economics, journalism,
medicine, music, psychology, pharmacy, social work, and more.

Each library provides access to the Libraries' online catalog/circulation
system (OSCAR), as well as to indexes, abstracts, and bibliographies pertinent
to their subject areas. Librarians familiar with the subject areas and expert
in associated research techniques are available for consultation.


[Summary provided by Ohio State University.]

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