Department of Animal Sciences, Oklahoma State University

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The Animal Science Department at Oklahoma State University has research
projects concerning most of the major species of farm animals in Oklahoma and
the products of the animals. Most of the researchers in the Department have
joint appointments and also teach or conduct extension programs. In the Animal
Science Department there are nine researchers with an emphasis on beef cattle,
one in dairy cattle, three in swine, one in horses, one in poultry, and three
in animal products. Currently these scientists are conducting research in more
than twenty different projects.

Interdisciplinary research within the Department is the norm. Cooperative
research projects are also conducted with scientists in other departments in
the Division of Agriculture and in other Colleges in the University. In
addition, researchers in the Department participate in regional research
projects to seek solutions to problems that require resources and expertise
that are not available in one state.

[Summary provided by Oklahoma State University.]

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