Buoy Group, Oregon State University

Data Center Description
The Oregon State University Buoy Group is active in the development and use of
deep-sea mooring techniques and instruments, particularly current meters and
meteorological instruments.

The Buoy Group maintains three archives that contain current meter data. The
Deep Water Current Meter Archive contains approximately 4000 long-term current
meter records from deep-ocean moorings. This collection contains both
historical datasets and current records gathered as part of WOCE (the World
Ocean Circulation Experiment). The deep water archive is available online and
also as a browser-readable CD.

Our second archive contains data reports from recent experiments of the Buoy
Group. This archive is online; you can view all the essentials of a data report
- descriptive text, tables of statistics, and plots in either GIF or Postscript
format. Available plots include progressive vector diagrams, time series plots,
stick plots, histograms, and spectra. In addition you can download the time
series from these experiments.

The third archive is a collection of current meter records from the experiments
in which the Buoy Group has participated during its 35-year history. It
includes both shallow-water (continental shelf) moorings and deep-water
moorings and is available as a browser-readable CD. There is some overlap
between this disk and the deep-water disk described above. This CD also
contains the online data reports mentioned above.

Website: http://cmdac.oce.orst.edu/bghome.htm

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Data Center URL
URL: http://cmdac.oce.orst.edu/bghome.htm