Geoscience Department, Earth and Mineral Science, Pennsylvania State University

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The department of Geosciences at Penn State University conducts investigations
in the chemistry and physics of rocks and minerals, the why's of earthquakes,
faults, volcanoes, and ground movement, the nature of sediments old and new
with their fossil record of life, the character of economically important
geological materials, the processes associated with water and ice, and the
cycling of elements through the earth system. In the field, they combine
detailed mapping and observations with sampling and measurements; in the
laboratory, they use sophisticated analytical and experimental techniques to
examine the microstructure and chemistry of their samples; and at the computer,
they assemble their data and create mathematical models to test their ideas.

Specific research areas include:

Aqueous Geochemistry
Ice and Climate Research
Environmental Molecular Science
SEC(Seal Evaluation Consortium)
Sedimentary Geology
Basin Research
Physical Sedimentology
Petroleum GeoSystems Program
Chemistry and Physics of Rocks and Minerals
Earth Surface Systems
Global Changes and Earth History
Solid Earth and Applied Geophysics
Physical Processes
Petroleum Society


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