Meteorology Department, Earth and Mineral Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

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The Penn State University department of meteorology provides research and
education in meteorology and atmospheric sciences.

In the 1980s Penn State became the international leader in the development and
application of ground-based wind-profiling systems. This charge was lead by Dr.
Thomson, who has designed, constructed, and tested a variety of profiling
systems/radars for continuously measuring atmospheric winds and turbulence. The
Department was also the first to have a comprehensive set of microwave and
millimeter-wave radiometers for continuously monitoring tropospheric
temperatures and humidity profiles. In 1988 a special mm-wave Doppler radar was
constructed to provide measurements of the velocities of timing cloud water
drops. Only one other radar of this type exists in the world. Other equipment
includes the unique microwave radiometer that is operated jointly with the
Department of Electrical Engineering to provide stratospheric and mesospheric


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