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The Department of Earth Science at Rice University has 15 faculty members, 44
graduate students, and 14 administrative and technical staff. A university
enhancement is increasing the faculty to 18, adding 3 technical staff, and
increasing the graduate population to ~60, as well as reconstructing all of the
department facilities. In addition to our regular faculty, between one and two
dozen professionals from the petroleum and environmental industries, NASA, and
other institutions serve as adjunct faculty who advise students, conduct
research, and teach graduate courses. Visiting scientists from the world over
spend a few weeks to several years in residence for research with our faculty.

Rice is a private university with a substantial endowment. The University's
relatively small size promotes interdisciplinary study and research. The
Department of Earth Science has a large number of endowed fellowships for
graduate students. Faculty research programs are funded by the National Science
Foundation, the Department of Defense, NASA, the EPA, the Department of Energy,
and the petroleum industry.

The Department plays a key role in two Professional Master of Science programs
(Subsurface Geoscience for Energy Exploration and Production, and Environmental
Decision Making and Analysis), as well as offering M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.
Thesis research and publication are the core of the M.A. and Ph.D. graduate
degree programs. These programs are customized to individual students' needs,
interests, strengths, and academic backgrounds. A cross-disciplinary degree in
Computational Science and Engineering is available to students who wish to
emphasize computational research in the Earth sciences.

We have strong ties to the oil and gas exploration and exploration-technology
industry, and offer a Professional M.S. in Subsurface Geoscience that is geared
toward the petroleum industry. Each fall about a dozen oil and gas companies
recruit students in our department for summer internships and full-time
employment. Roughly two-thirds of our graduate alumni are employed in the oil
industry; the other third pursue academic and other careers.


[Summary provided by Rice University.]

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