Human Ecology, Cook College, Rutgers University

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The department of Human Ecology at Rutgers University addresses the human
dimensions of environmental problems. Faculty from diverse disciplines use
their expertise in the natural and social sciences to study the effects of
human activities on the environment and the impact of environmental changes on
individuals and communities. Research includes social and economic effects of
regulatory changes on fisherman; impacts of population, economic growth and
fiscal austerity on small municipalities; design of risk communications; public
response to radon and lead hazards; homeowner pesticide use; psychiatric
impacts of natural disasters; reforestation in the eastern United States;
environmental science and policy in China; human ecology of tropical forests;
methodology and explanation in social science; scientific information use in
marine policy. Funding sources include: Sea Grant/NOAA, U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, N.J. Department of Environmental Protection, National
Science Foundation, National Cancer Institute, U.S. Department of Labor.


[Summary provided by Rutgers University.]

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