Skidway Institute of Oceanography

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The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (SkIO) is an autonomous research unit of
the University System of Georgia. The mission of the Institute is to provide
the State of Georgia with a nationally and internationally recognized center of
excellence in marine science. This is achieved through the development of
strong internal research programs across a broad range of subdisciplines.
Research activities at the Institute are conducted on scales ranging from local
economic and environmental issues to global processes and phenomena. In
addition, the Skidaway Institute serves regional and state-wide educational and
management needs for access to marine research facilities. Although SkIO is not
a degree-granting institution, its faculty hold adjunct appointments at System
institutions and other universities throughout the US and serve as mentors and
advisors for undergraduate and graduate students who will ultimately receive
their degrees from their home institution.


[Summary provided by University System of Georgia.]

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