Center for Geophysical Studies of Ice and Climate, St. Olaf College

Data Center Description
The Center for Geophysical Studies of Ice and Climate (CEGSIC) is a National
Science Foundation sponsored research project based in the Physics Department
at St. Olaf College. Their main goal is to understand the response of the
world's ice masses to global change. More specifically, we utilize the tools of
ice-penetrating radar and satellite imagery to study the dynamics of glaciers
and ice sheets in various parts of the world. Ice radar is an remote sensing
technique analogous to sonar in water, except it works with electromagnetic
waves instead of acoustical waves. Echoes arise from the ice/bedrock interface,
from water and air pockets, and also from volcanic debris layers which depict
how the ice deforms as it flows. Satellite remote sensing is a complementary
technique which gives information about surface topography and motion.


[Summary provided by St. Olaf College.]

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