Center for Environmental Science and Policy, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

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A variety of synergistic research efforts have been launched at CESP with the
goal of charting a transition to an environmentally sustainable world in the
twenty-first century. Climate change and sustainability are two significant,
interrelated themes that underlie CESP's major research programs.

Many of CESP's research projects are multiyear efforts. Although the research
portfolio is evolving, it retains considerable year-to-year continuity. Much of
the research is global in character and CESP frequently collaborates with
international teams.

A significant portion of the work focuses on Brazil, China, India, Indonesia,
Mexico, South Africa, and the United States.

The Center also works with other IIS groups on topics related to security,
regional development, energy, and precollegiate education. Research is funded
from a variety of sources, including university general funds, gifts,
foundation grants, and research contracts with a number of U.S. government


[Summary provided by Stanford University.]

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