Stanford Helioseismology Archive, Stanford University

Data Center Description
The Stanford Helioseismology Archive provides data from the upgraded Global
Oscillations Network Group.

Simultaneous intensity and line-of-sight velocity data of the full solar disk
as measured at the two heights probed by the K (770 nm) and Na (589 nm)
Fraunhofer lines. Three sets of uninterrupted observations at 10-seconds
cadence were taken on 2003, January 1, 6 and 17, lasting 45, 107, and 68 hours,

Images in the red and blue wings of the lines were first corrected for dark and
flat fields. Intensity images were then produced by adding toghether the red
and blue wing intesities (red+blue). Line-of-sight velocity was cacluated
according to (red-blue)/(red+blue).


[Summary provided by Stanford University.]

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